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The owner of this blog has been affected personally by the works of Chelsea Hoffman. The owner has first hand knowledge about the murder of Dana Marie Woods. 

The owner of this blog has teamed up with the Facebook page "The Real Chelsea Hoffman Exposed", but does not own the content within the Facebook page. The Facebook page has permission to re-post any content contained in this blog to help them on their mission. 

The owner of this blog has been called names by Chelsea Hoffman, seen the Hill/Wood's family members called names, seen friends called names, and seen the negligent writing that Chelsea produces. 

The owner of this blog has not called Chelsea Hoffman any names, but has only pointed out where she has been wrong. The owner of this blog has not threatened, nor will threaten, Chelsea Hoffman in anyway. If Chelsea Hoffman feels threatened, than it is perhaps because her reputation as a writer is in jeopardy. Maybe she needs to clean up her act and start trying to be a bit more professional. 

The owner of this blog will not apologize for anything that is written in this blog. If anyone needs to apologize, it is Chelsea Hoffman, to the families that she has defamed and hurt. 


  1. I am so sorry that Dana's family and friends are going through this. To lose such a precious young lady in this horrific manner is unthinkable. Having to deal with a writer's sick agenda in addition to grieving the loss of Dana....I have no words to describe how disgusted I am at this thought. I live in Southern California where there is no coverage of this story, so I did an internet search to see if there were any updates. I was saddened to see that these kinds of things had transpired. Please know that you are all in my continued prayers. I am hopeful that the issues discussed in this blog will be resolved so that the families and friends of Dana and the friend who perished with her can move forward with their grieving and healing. Blessings to all...

  2. Please go to my website for a great reveal on the truth about Chelsea Hoffman that points out she is a disgusting moron; quoting from others I put together! http://formercriminalprosecutor.blogspot.com/

    Hopefully, everyone will read it.
    As Always ; M
    Former Criminal Prosecutor
    Not an online student at Ashland
    Majoring in fiction!

  3. I hope you read my blog piece & it gives you some good cheer. I have over 140,000 readers & over 200 people have read my opinion of dimwit Chelsea Hoffman, her expertise as well as her foul mouth & fugly face. Truly a nasty piece of work, ugly inside & out. I posted on her blog "under bragging rights": that is garble u mumble to your mirror!

    Besides the blog: http://formercriminalprosecutor.blogspot.com/ I also twitter at https://twitter.com/MarcieWogan where you can see if u scroll down how I got her ass kicked to the curb by someone using a similar name 4 their organization. Anyone who wants to know the truth about her should know she is a fraud, a scam artist & has no expertise at anyhting other than shameless self promotion at the expense of others. As Always ; M Former Criminal Prosecutor

  4. She's at it again:

  5. I thought you would like to know that Chelsea Hoffman is blaming the parents of Mikaela Lynch, a little girl who wandered from her home and was found dead in a nearby creek. Mikaela had autism, was non-verbal, and had significant developmental delays. Hoffman is calling the parents "irresponsible" and published a piece suggesting that the parents be investigated for foul play.

    I won't link to Hoffman's foulness, but it is under "Mikaela Lynch" "Chelsea Hoffman" on a google search.

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  7. I get it. Many of us have been the recipients of Ms. Hoffman's filthy mouth.